Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Have any of you ever noticed how busy life can get? Well, that happened to me recently. I just started going to Columbia Bible College, situated in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada. Now I have to say I am enjoying every single minute of it, but it leaves me with so little free time! I am hoping that I will be able to have some free time in the future, but as of now my schedule is pretty jam packed!

Since I am so busy, I haven't even read very many books! This has been one of the first times in my life where it takes me two weeks to finish a book! So shocking I know! But since I am reading so much for school, I don't think it counts. Something I have found invigorating is that I have started to read my bible more. I mean, yes I read it for devotions in the morning if I remembered, but now I am reading it by hunks and chapters! It is so interesting if you actually read it. I think it is just getting around the fact that there are so many books and pages to read that distract us.

How much do you read your bible? I have to admit, that before I came here my bible reading was pretty lacking. I would do my devoitiosn for like two weeks and then life would get in the way and I wouldn't do it again for a couple of weeks. This has been going on since forever. Even though I have such little time now, I am actually picking up my bible in anticipation for what God is going to teach me. Some of my friends can't understand how I can read a couple chapters for school every day and still want to my devotions as well. It is easy, God is teaching me. I don't want to read my bible because I have to for school, but because I genuinely want to. That is what is going on now.

I am a little sad that I have so little time to read novels, but I am finding that reading my bible is more satisfactory than the books. This doesn't mean that I am speaking against novels, because I love them! It is just that the Bible is the most important book and we can't ignore it because we want to read something else, even if we say it is ok because it is a Christian novel. It doesn't work that way. So I am challenging you, how many of you are actually reading your bible if you are a Christian? How many actually put time away in their day to focus on God and not on their family situation, or their job? It is important to get away sometimes, and I believe that when I do my devotions, my day seems brighter. I get less worried about what I am going through and just trust that God will bring it to pass. That doesn't mean that I don't think about it, or that I stop working towards solving the issue, but that I don't just rely on myself. That is way too draining and we weren't made to work like that.

So, how dusty is your bible??


  1. my Bible isn't dusty, but i could definitely learn to rely more on the scriptures and less on thoughts and worries that invade my mind, thanks for your's amazing how you described that your need to read the Word is much greater than reading other books. i need to pull mine out more often.

  2. That is exactly the way I used to think. That books could satisfy me. I feel so much more peace now that I am reading my bible once again for devotions. So lifting! God can definitely teach you so much through the bible if you read it daily! I really hope you that you will consider it.

  3. Oh, Melanie, I feel this way. I love to read novels, so, sometimes I left my Bible unread. I want to read it with pleasure, anticipation as you said.

  4. It is so hard to read the Bible in anticipation, and it takes a lot of practice. I find that as I am reading it now, I tend to imagine each story written out more thoroughly and I can just see it as a novel. I feel that it really helps me understand it more, even if I don't fully develop that 'novel' in my mind. It is also important I think to continually read it. Don't fall behind or say you will catch up, because once you do that, you will stop reading it, I can promise you that. I hope that God will help you in really reading the Bible, giving you desire to read it more and to learn more about him. :)