Tuesday, 30 August 2011


Once again K. Dawn Byrd is having a couple giveaways on her blog.

Below I have pasted a portion of the give-away facts on the books. I recommend you go check it out. Free books are not something you should turn down. Follow the link below to check out her blog:


Register to win a copy of Sam Batterman's "Maximal Reserve"

Title: Maximal Reserve
Publisher: Deep River

Cover blurb: WHAT IF OIL ISN’T SCARCE? A secret that can change the balance of the world’s power and finance in a moment is known by the most unlikely of people—and he’s only been employed for a week.

Philip Channing was just an ambitious college graduate who wanted to make his mark on the world. He didn’t know that mark would be the greatest oil discovery of all time—in the wrong place. Philip finds the largest oil reserve in history, a reserve that dwarfs the lucrative reserves in Saudi Arabia and threatens to change the world’s balance of power and wealth in favor of the most unlikely country of all.

But Phil isn’t the only one who’s discovered the reserve—and an alliance of crooked politicians and European terrorists will do anything to keep it secret.

Register to win a copy of Jayne Pearson Faulkner's "The Place of Belonging"

Title: The Place of Belonging
Publisher: Deep River Books

Cover blurb: This elegantly written story is told from the eyes of a child of a single mother, set in the 1940's in Big Sky Montana. Humorous yet bracingly honest, The Place of Belonging stirs our basis feelings of wanting to belong somewhere and to someone. Beautifully and simply told, The Place of Belonging takes the reader on an uforgettable step back in time, a place many will recognize. [“This emotionally satisfying book reads like prose. It is one of the best books we have ever published, and certainly, that I have ever read.” Nancie Carmichael, DRB Publisher, and bestselling author. ]

Register to win a pdf copy of Marianne Evans' "Hearts Communion"

Title: Hearts Communion
Publisher: White Rose Publishing

Cover blurb: Jeremy “JB” Edwards dreams of one thing: Having a loving wife and children of his own. Not a surprising ambition, since he was raised at the heart of a large, tight-knit family. Monica Kittelski spends her days at Sunny Horizons Daycare Center pouring her heart and faith into other people’s children. But Monica harbors one impossible dream: Having children of her own someday. JB and Monica seem the perfect match, but what will come of their electric, sassy relationship when Jeremy learns of Monica's infertility? Hopes and reality collide when they must confront the idea of finding God's plan and following His will when a dearest hope is destined to remain unfulfilled. Can these two loving, passionate hearts survive a communion of dreams and reality?

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Surrender the Dawn by MaryLu Tyndall

I just finished reading and I am sitting here numb. With every book of MaryLu Tyndall's that is published, there seems to be a better story line, more defined characters, and more of a biblical pull. 

Luke and Cassandra are so much like me, and everyone else our there. They have flaws, but in the end they embrace those flaws and five them to God rather than use them as a barrier to stand in between us and a relationship. 

Whether the thought of someone we loved leaving, causing us to doubt in God, or our own failures staring us in the face, God shines through. We can all find forgiveness, no matter how bad our sins are. This was shown beautifully in this novel. 

The romance to me seemed real, I felt the connection. The pain they felt I could feel lashing through my chest. A stunning novel, one that I will read many times over.  

If any woman thinks that she won't fall for Luke Heaton it is Cassandra Channing. Little does she know that God is at work. When she is forced to see if she can find someone to be her privatere. Unfortutely, the only man willing to even listen to her is Luke. The town rogue. Luke desperately wants to please Cassandra and assist her family out of the situation that has befallen them. When he is forced to lie to protect the ones he loves most, will Cassandra find out and turn him away, or will she do everything she can to assist him. Read the newest Tyndall high seas novel, Surrender the Dawn, to find out what happens next.

Thursday, 4 August 2011


This summer I have been staying with my grandparents in Saskatchewan, helping them clean up the yard. It all started that I needed a job and they needed the help, so out I came. I have to say that I have had so much fun this summer, but it has also had some trying moments.

For example, my grandpa has Alzheimer's and Vascular Dementia. If any of you don't know what that means, well, in short form, you forget memories and you forget the purpose for something. People with dementia have problems with memories, perception, emotion issues, cognitive skills, and speech. The sad thing is, for both of these there is nothing that can be done to help, just wait and hope that the pills you are taking are helping.

Everyday I see him fall further and further down the rabbit hole. He wont know what some tool is for, or how to say something. Often times you are left standing there while he struggles with his words and you just want to push them out. Yesterday we were cleaning the garden and I was picking all of the Fat Hen, which is a weed that can reproduce off of a single leaf. My grandpa was attempting to assist me but he was trying to pull them out with a huge spade and was therefore loosing them and covering up other ones at the same time. It took half an hour to convince him to let me do it by myself, but then he insisted on helping me find them. He would point at the weeds and I would pull them out. Only he didn't know which ones were Fat Han. He has been weeding this particular weed since he was a little kid and at the age of 86 he didn't know which one it was. The day before this he said he was 96 and that his wife was 33, which is completely inaccurate.

The thing that saddens me the most is that he used to be so smart. My grandma cries a lot because she misses him. It almost never is him anymore.

I keep asking myself why him? Why should he be the one that looses almost everything he holds dear? It is almost never fair in life, and everyone knows that, but still we ask that most important question. Why. So often people wonder and wonder, and I think that to find the answer people have to turn to God for the answers. Yes bad things happen, but that doesn't mean that God caused them to happen, our bad choices did. When it wasn't our choices or even any one elses, it just shows the frailty of life. Our human bodies are not made to last forever, and this is due to our sin in the Garden of Eden. We are fragile. We break down. Just because someone gets a disease, doesn't mean that it is because they did something bad to deserve it. It could be caused by the bad air due to pollution, or just nature. God allows stuff to happen to teach us a lesson, but that doesn't mean that he wants us to get hurt.

He loves us dearly, and I have found that in the hardest trials, that the stories of Job and to Lamentations are a great help. They are the stories of sorrow and sadness. Of suffering and pain. There are in the bible for a reason. To give us hope, and to let us not feel like God is cruel or that it is all our fault. Lean on God, even in the hard times and you will find strength.

"Yet those who wait for the LORD will gain new strength; they will mount up with wings like eagles, they will rund and not get tired, they will walk and not become weary." - Isaiah 40:31